How to Stay Fit While Working in the Office ?

Tips to Remain Fit While Working in the Office

Its true that health is wealth, because without proper health you would not be able to build the career you are looking forward to . In order to be successful in life you have to make sure you are paying attention to your body and mind, so that you perform well consistently . Every part of your body is playing a role in the back ground silently, and its time that you paid attention to it as well . But how can anyone stay fit while working in the office ? How can one exercise while at work ? Well, there is a way out fortunately .

Staying fit while working in the office is as simple as ABC . The most crucial part of staying fit is following routines consistently . Besides paying attention to the routines, nothing else is that important . You have to make sure to manage time properly in order to find time in your busy schedule . Once you know how to manage time effectively, you can go ahead and try out some simple exercises while you are in your office . Here are some of the exercises you can do while in office .

Before we start talking about the various health tips, make sure that your company is providing you some sort of medical or health insurance . Relax, its not because the exercises that i am going to mention here are going to harm you, its just as a precautionary step that i would advice everyone anyway .

I would like to start by asking you to do a little research on the route you take to office . See that you are not taking a longer route and burning all your energy for nothing . If you are traveling by bus, then ensure to get off the bus at a further stop to get a few extra steps of walking . If you are used to driving your car, park your car from the furthest spot from the entrance. Avoid taking the elevator if your office is on the first or the second floor .

While in office, stretch yourself often to get rid of the stress you go through every day . Another reason to stretch is to unlock trapped energies within your body . Every time you encounter a problematic situation, make sure to breathe deep . This is because when you pay a lot of attention to work, your breathing becomes slower which refrains your body from getting the amount of oxygen it usually gets .


Once in every forty five minutes, leave your desk and walk up to a friend and talk to him if possible . Walk around the office and get back to your desk . Allow your mind to be free from worries and sit back with the correct posture and avoid slouching or leaning . Some times you might not be able to get away from your desk . At such times you can always exercise your legs by moving your feet in a circular motion, which is a good exercise for your calves.

If you are a person who eats his lunch from the cafeteria, then for god’s sake get rid of this habit . Start taking your lunch from home and drink plenty of water to stay fresh all day . You can drink an energy drink if you like but avoid aerated drinks .

The above exercises and tips are mentioned at a very basic level, and should not be thought of as a substitute to a real work out at a gym . I would always encourage every one to visit the gym regularly . Last but not the least,i would like to request every one to pay attention to their jobs rather than getting distracted by these exercises!